Under Wraps EP

by Hunter Vaughn

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This EP is a preview of my full length album to come.


released November 13, 2015


all rights reserved



Hunter Vaughn Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Her Summer Dress
It's cold outside yet we lay with each other just to keep the room warm
There's dust in the closet where your summer dress never gets warn
These endless days breed from restless nights, it's getting hard to pretend
Because deep inside I'm screaming and dying just to see my sunshine again.

It's warmer now but winter's scar still burns the back of my neck
The sweat of my brow bleeding to my eyes makes it easy to forget
The phantom lines of the walk in show promise of better days
And I'll be everything you'll ever want me to be if you'll help keep my darkness away.
Track Name: Happy Thoughts
I went into rehab with a trash can in my hand
The glass' sweat running down my arm, I tried my best to stand
and keep my best complexion. Faking smiles and walking lines
I had to get my files and take back what was mine

They took the chain around my neck and threw it in a box
and said you won't need this inside these walls when that door slams and locks
I'm alright, I'm okay. I'll see it later on this day
If it can be done slow, I'll do it faster than you may

Everyone surrounding me looked different from the rest
Some using heroin like insulin, others fail to rest
In the middle of all these broken people I felt so secure
I fell to my knees, cried my heart out, I couldn't take it anymore

Now I'm walking out with a new lid on my head
Fist clenched in my right hand, medical release in my left
Dad, I'm sorry I stole your pills
Mom, I'm sorry I made you cry
but I promise I'll be fine, if only on the outside.
Track Name: Hand Me Downs
Reasoning with your reasonings
Why do I want such menial things?
A beautiful smile and silver bells
When I fight like hell to keep myself well
I'm tired of running
I don't want to hide
But the blood that I'm bleeding is still buried deep inside
I don't understand why I'm hurting this way
But mom said,"In time love, it all goes away."
When is my time going to come?
Can you please just answer me that?

The weight in my lungs makes it hard for me to rest
The fire that was once in my eyes is now burning in my chest
I'm tired of always running away and never asking why
Am I running from memories or the knives stuck in my spine?
Mother can you please take this pain away?
and hold me in your arms again till sunshine cuts the rain
Mother can you tuck me in and tell me it will be alright?
Can you take my darkest mind and show me to the light?

But most of all, will you still love me when I forsake myself?

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